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Fine French dining in Albuquerque!

Many people are raving about Café Jean Pierre’s fine French dining experience in Albuquerque. French dining and Albuquerque, New Mexico may seem like an unlikely pairing but it has become quite popular. Albuquerque has seen an abundance of fine French restaurants and bistros, providing cuisine that is not like any other. Residents have enjoyed the best French food for many years and now everyone all around the country has uncovered this hidden gem. If you are looking to visit Albuquerque for the first time, you will have the opportunity to try the many French items this amazing city has to offer. From crepes to escargot, you are in for a treat.

A Parisian Experience
The bistros in Albuquerque are reminiscent of those of Paris, with white tablecloth, freshly cut flowers and bistro chairs. Clients can enjoy the best food from quiche to ratatouille. Many French restaurants are interactive, with the waitstaff getting the customers involved in the dining experience. Bistros and restaurants have mastered the art of food and wine pairing. The waitstaff will help you pick the most appropriate wine for your entree. Each restaurant have wine experts who know what meat pairs well with Pinot Noir and which seafood dish pairs exceptionally well with Chardonnay.

Traditional French Cooking
Café Jean Pierre of Albuquerque, New Mexico uses fresh ingredients, many of which are imported straight from France. Customers can have a gourmet French meal that is delicious and healthy. The French believe in indulging in the best foods but only in moderation. The restaurants in Albuquerque have stayed true to that belief. There are many French bistros in Albuquerque that provide a unique dining experience. Many established French bistros will customize the perfect meal for a group and have them price the meal according to their enjoyment level. This unique feature allows customers to have the meal of their dreams.

The Ultimate Romantic Experience
A French restaurant is the perfect venue for a romantic night. Couples can go to the French restaurants or bistros in Albuquerque and have a candlelight dinner or late night dessert. The desserts at a French restaurant are beyond incredible. Crepes, belle helene and aux fraises are perfect desserts to share with your significant other. A French bistro is also perfect for accompanying your favorite wines with your dessert.

If you long for the French experience, Albuquerque, New Mexico should be your first stop. You will enjoy the best foods, while envisioning yourself in France.