Choosing the Perfect Wine

When you’re having that perfect meal at one of Albuquerque’s best fine dining restaurants, the only thing that can make a scrumptious meal even better is an amazing glass of wine. Not a wine expert? Not a problem. With so many different types of wines, it can be difficult to know which will perfectly complement your meal.

Luckily choosing the right wine isn’t as difficult as you may think. Here are some examples of how to pick the right wine to complement your meal:

  1. Color Coordinate: The most basic rule of thumb is that white wines should be served with white meats and red wines should be served with red meats. If your meal at one of the best restaurants in Albuquerque consists of fish, seafood, or chicken, for example, you’ll want white wine, or if it’s a meal of steak or lamb chops, you’ll want to go with a red wine.
  2. Match Intensities: Another basic rule you’ll want to follow is that you want your wine to match the intensity and flavoring of your meal, or even dessert. Some of the best fine dining in Albuquerque includes amazing desserts that can be complemented with a sweeter wine with low acid. For a lighter meal or snack, such as cheeses, you may want a wine with a low level of sugar and acid.
  3. Find a Balance: Knowing what you’re going to eat will help you select the type of wine that will best complement your meal. Many fine dining restaurants, including Café Jean Pierre one of Albuquerque’s French restaurants, have sommeliers that can help you match the right wine to your meal. If you’re selecting a wine yourself, just remember that you don’t want to overpower your senses by choosing a sweet wine with saltier foods or vice versa. It’s important to try to balance the type of wine with the type of food you’re eating.

Choosing the right wine for your meal takes a lot of trial and error. These general rules can serve as a guide so you know where to begin. When it comes to selecting a wine for a dinner party or for a meal and one of Albuquerque’s fine dining restaurants it will come down to personal taste, and simply what you’re in the mood for.