Cuisine Variations in Restaurants Today

There was a time when dining out was limited to a very few choices – at the economical end of the scale were a half dozen national or regional fast food chains – above that, ‘sit down’ establishments offered variations of steak, seafood, Italian, Chinese or Mexican.

That’s all changed, as we have become a country of foodies, interested in trying cuisines from different parts of the world, or paying attention to specific kind of dietary regimens, like vegetarian, gluten free, and other options.

Today, dining out has become an exciting adventure, and we have a choice of myriad styles of dining, different types of cuisine, styles of cooking, or combinations of these segments.

Whether you have a taste for traditional French food, like from Café Jean Pierre, a hankering for something made with Mexican red mole paste from The Chile Guy, or just steak and potatoes, there’s an establishment serving exactly what you like, and probably at a price point you will find agreeable.

We have restaurants ranging in service from drive-through only, to fast casual, family restaurants, like Range Café, to five star, fine dining establishments and everything in between. An entire new class of entrepreneurs have introduced us to ‘mash-ups’ of different cuisines, selling their own concoctions inexpensively, and prepared fresh, served from carts or trucks parked around cities.

Additionally, multiple new operations have opened that cater to one specific type of cuisine; there are a dozen or more new restaurant chains that focus only on hamburgers. Giant buffets with Asian variations offer dozens and dozens of choices at a single serving and flat price. Brazilian steak houses serve you a dozen different types of protein on demand at your table, cooked to a char in the South American “cowboy style.”

Additionally, each region of the country has its own specialties, unique to the area, whether it’s Cajun/Creole in New Orleans, Tex-Mex in San Antonio, Salmon in the Pacific Northwest, beef in the corn belt or Virginia Beach seafood dining from Rudee’s Restaurant & Cabana Bar, one can enjoy dozens of different styles around the country or around their home town.

The introduction of all of these new cuisines and the addition of boutique and unique grocery stores bringing us new and exciting ingredients have also influenced our home cooking as well. We chop, dice, slice, whip, puree, bake, broil and fry at home like never before and we can still get a feel of a home cooked meal from Standard Diner.

It’s an entirely new world in the restaurant business, with owners constantly introducing something new to amaze the public.

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