A College Dude’s Guide to Fine Dining: Utensils

Are you finally expected to make an appearance at one of Albuquerque’s best fine dining restaurants? Well if you’ve never been past the local pizza joint to a French restaurant in Albuquerque, for example, don’t panic. You’re sure to find an excellent dish, but once it arrives will you know what do with the awesome set of utensils in front of you? Trying new things is one thing, but knowing how to try them is something else. Well, again, don’t panic. This guide will give you the simple tips on fine dining etiquette when it comes to using the assortment of utensils.

Tip #1: Start From the Outside and Work Your Way In

This is the most basic of steps. So if you’re on that formal date with a girl and her parents and you freeze up, always remember to start from the outside when it comes to your utensils. You can’t go wrong nor can you completely embarrass yourself. So if you’re at one of the best restaurants in Albuquerque you’ll know how to handle your meal with poise.

Tip #2: A Basic Diagram

Every restaurant is slightly different. However, no matter which restaurant you choose for your fine dining in Albuquerque, this basic description can help you know what is what:

  • Forks: From the far left, the smallest fork is your salad fork. Next to it will be the largest fork, which is for your main course. If there is a third, small fork to the right of it, that is your dessert fork.
  • Spoons: On the far right is the largest spoon, which is for your soup. To the left of it is a smaller spoon, which is your teaspoon for your beverage (if necessary, obviously). To the left of both spoons, and closest to your plate, is your knife.When it comes to utensils, the setup actually looks more complicated than it is. With this brief description you can look like a pro when asked by anyone what each utensil is used for!

Tip #3: Other Things to Remember

Now that you know what’s what, there are just a couple more things you need to remember to truly look like you’ve been to Albuquerque’s best fine dining restaurants before:

  • Once used, don’t put any utensils back on the table. It just looks sloppy. Treat your utensils like plates you use at buffets: use them for only one course. When you’re finished, rest the used utensils on your plate. Leave the unused ones on the table. These rules may seem odd to you, but remember, they are rules you need to follow to really impress and to avoid any awkward moments of making a mistake and having everyone stare at you. There really isn’t too much to know when it comes to using all of those fancy utensils at a formal restaurant. It’s actually more intimidating than it looks. If you can’t remember what should be used with what course, don’t forget the general rule of working from the outside in. Now go impress that special lady and her parents!