Fine Dining

When you think about fine dining, you might think about the restaurants that have the candles on the tables, dim lighting, white tablecloths and expensive food. This can be a scenario, but there is often more to fine dining than this type of experience. Fine dining can be anything from the luxurious restaurants to the small cafes where you gather with a few friends.

Steak and More

Food that you might associate with fine dining probably includes steak, lobster, a nice pasta dish or something else that is filling and exquisite. This is usually a setting when you gather with an intimate group, your family or a significant other to celebrate time spent together. It could be for a birthday, holiday or anniversary. A French café, such as Café Jean Pierre, is an example of where you might find this type of food and environment. The waiters sometimes bring a bottle of champagne to the table or offer you a glass of wine, and there is sometimes live music in the background.


You might not think of a diner as a fine dining experience. However, as long as you are with the company of others, any meal can be considered fine dining. You can enjoy a hamburger with hand cut French fries and diner customer service instead of spending a large amount of money at a fancy restaurant. The diner, like Standard Diner, is an environment where you can see a variety of people who gather at a bar area to drink a milkshake or sit in a booth to enjoy a pizza.


If you are looking for somewhere small, then a café might be the perfect option. You can usually have an intimate conversation with one person or even a few people at the same table. Café customer service often includes someone taking your order and bringing your food, but it can also be a location where you place an order and receive your food at a counter. You would then be able to sit wherever you want in the café. Range Café is one of the environments where you have more of a choice in how and what you order.

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